Manpower In Bangladesh

Manpower In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the second largest Muslim Country in the world in population. Our Country is endowed with a treasure of manpower. The total population is about 150 million. To accelerate the development of manpower, our Government has set up multi-purpose vocational institutes in every district. Even, to cope with present demand and with the active support of the Government, a great number of such institutes have also come up in private sector. These institutes through orientation course and practical training's help workers to raise their skills and adaptability.

Workers are used to work in the hot climate conditions without any hazard to their health. They are at ease with customs and traditions of Islam. These help to maintain loyalty, willingness to work and patience to endure harsh them to learn Arabic, English is taught in schools and colleges as a second language. So, it's easy for them to communicate in English as well. Bangladeshi workers proved themselves to be loyal, hardworking, disciplined and multi-skilled. These are the reasons why our manpower export been increasing steadily.

Source of Recruitment

Bangladesh, a densely populated delta life region, through its natural phenomena like flood, tidal bore and devastating storms has transformed the whole nation into a singular hardcore work force. These people have learn to fight against the continuous natural hazards with spirit of resistance. To select a large quantity of worker within a very short time we have very strong supply network all over the country.

Bangladesh has around one hundred universities. In addition to this, there are 2728 technical & vocational institute. Besides, there are 223 professionals institutes supply skilled and semi skilled manpower every year. With the advent of modern mechanical age, Bangladeshi workers have equally adopted themselves with the technical know-how and experience of a wide range of trades.